Friday, March 14, 2014

Ellie's Bear

Last October I participated in a workshop run by Denise Daffara with a group of wonderful ladies. As normal I was having too much fun to complete my canvas but am happy to say I have finally finished her. I have composed a little flip through of how my painting came to be.

You can read about the workshop here on Denise's blog We all had the most amazing weekend.

I have also started a Facebook page "Anne Cahill - Must Love Paint". I would love for you to come and join me.


  1. hello Annie,

    lovely to watch your painting come to life. It is full to overflowing with the spirit of spring and is quite cute and lovely. Sweet days and nights to you!

  2. It's so beautiful to see your painting come alive. Well done! I'm off now to check out your Facebookpage ...

  3. Your flip-through is marvellous, so effective at showing the various stages. The end result is so good too, and well worth the effort.
    Sorry, but I'm not on facebook so can't join you, but good luck with it.

  4. So sweet ~ and yay for you for finishing it!
    She's lovely.


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Hugs Annie.